To Our Lady of Paris — Notre-Dame de Paris

Watching the burning of this iconic Gothic cathedral hit me very hard today. I remember being mesmerized by it as a young girl when watching the black and white Hunch Back of Notre-Dame movie. I was raised in the Catholic church and somehow that movie added an a new level of mystique in my young mind about the idea of going to church and what it all meant.

Fast forward many years later and I found myself standing in front of this incredible structure feeling awestruck by its ornate beauty. Bigger than I ever imagined, and even though it made me feel very small by the towering vaulted ceiling high overhead, I felt safe and protected. A feeling of welcome, of being somewhere special. I cried today when watching the coverage on TV hoping the struggling firemen could make it stop, listening to the gathered sing hymns, grateful that no one was hurt. I watched her twin bell towers standing tall and prayed they would survive – that she was not ready for total collapse knowing Our Lady has faced difficulties in the past.

Tonight her smoke covered exterior, damaged yet still beautiful, stands tall as if to tell the world that she will be all right and that she will continue to be there in the morning light of a new day. It is assured that Our Lady of Paris — Notre-Dame de Paris will be rebuilt. She will continue to protect those who enter her doors.