Painting My New Collection

It seems the more I paint, the more behind I feel… in a good way. With brush in hand I tune out the world and focus on every dab. However to get to this point, my mind has to meander through all the possible subject matter until I settle on THE ONE to paint next. I am constantly shooting pics in gardens, and when I travel, that I add to an inspiration file.

My new collection is a series of paintings, based on my photos. I am drawn to images of dense gardens, filled with vibrant flowers or an interesting subject, against a field of green foliage. Row boats, park benches, fence posts are just a few. I find myself wanting to paint three different paintings all at once but prefer to work on one while I let the other two brew and develop in my imagination. Hence the feeling of, “Oh I have to get on that!” Maybe more accurately described as, “I can’t wait to create that!”

Sigh….. the ramblings of an artist. :-)