Spring Gardens Collection Newly Available

Spring has come to Michigan at last! It was a long time in coming this year, but that’s okay, because I put all those rainy and snowy days to good use painting my new Spring Gardens collection: 10 paintings inspired by beautiful gardens I have enjoyed wandering through, or been inspired by, from France to California.

When I paint, I’m so focused that it’s the next best thing to being in the actual setting. Applying the many layers of colors to pull the image together can be quite a journey. Deep tones for depth, brights for highlights, complementary colors aligned, long strokes and dabs. Then the feeling of being on the right path, knowing it’s coming along, no longer needing the reference photos, feeling what to apply next and snap – it’s ready to set aside to be revisited later. And finally a tweak here and there and it’s done – as if I have just wandered through garden itself.

Happy Spring! :-)