It’s A Juggle!

I’m finding that being a full time artist is quite a juggle but I’m getting there and pleased with the progress I have made. Painting routinely throughout the week is a dream come true. A very real challenge is the commitment to the administrative side of having your own business. So many tasks that have to be addressed and maintained on a timely basis. Photographing the artwork, editing it, adding it to the website, blogging, spreadsheets, sales, shipping, and entry into artists calls just to name a few. Then there is the hunt for discounted supplies! Seems that something has got to give! Gardening has not suffered – probably because it is a huge source of inspiration for me. It’s the household chores – ha ha ha. Thank goodness for having an awesome husband and kids who pick up the slack. Not to mention friends who forgive me when I lose myself in painting and forget to call – you know who you are!! Tolerance everywhere, fortunately. So, a HUGE HUGE thank you to my family and friends out there who support me in even the tiniest ways on this incredible journey. XOXO