Wow!! What a week!!

Tuesday I learned two of my works were selected for exhibit in the Grosse Pointe Artists Association’s exhibition – Summer Pleasures. The items were selected by noted artist and juror Ani Garabedian on the basis of how they express the pleasures of summer as described in the poetry and writings of Henry David Thoreau. The works selected are Garden Walk and Pure Sunshine both of which are based on photos I took this summer while doing what I love to do – strolling through gardens – big or small – professional landscape to wild flowers growing on the side of a dirt road. Double the pleasure for me because I love the challenge of capturing on canvas the experience I enjoyed in these setting. Then on Thursday, my husband (a real trooper) and I went to the beautiful Fredrik Meier Botanical Gardens. Oh my goshhhhhh!!!! So much beauty and inspiration. I will be painting from pictures I took there all winter long!! Next, on Saturday I attended a fantastic arts & crafts day at a friend’s house where my daughter taught 14 of us how to do acrylic pour art. It was fantastic…and a little addicting! LOL Then today I completed two additional works, started on Friday. Maximum creativity level has been attained. LOL Wishing everyone a wonderful upcoming week!