To Do: Dream, Set Goals, Create Action Items.

I had a neighbor who lived next door to the home I grew up in. Ann created the most wonderful watercolor paintings and frequently exhibited her work in local galleries. She would encourage me to consider doing the same one day with my paintings. I remember feeling rather wistfully that it would be a long time before I could do so and had serious doubts that it would ever happen… but, one can dream. I was in my late teens, in college and working with little time left over for my artwork. Eventually marriage and two wonderful kids would further limit my time to paint which was sporadic at best and that was ok. Now, several decades later, I am very fortunate to be able to return to that dream. I set goals, created actions items, stuck to my plan and today that dream came true. A gallery I had applied to in May, has invited me to exhibit at their gallery in 2020. I can’t even adequately express the joy I felt during that phone call!!! I will paint all through the cold Michigan winter fueled by this amazing opportunity – the DREAM COME TRUE! More details about location and dates will be provided as soon as finalized. I encourage YOU to follow YOUR dreams! And….wish all a great week!!