Spring of Covid 2020

Hmmmmmm. Where to start. Grateful at this point that my loved ones and I are well at the moment. Our two young adult kids, along with our son’s wonderful girlfriend, are nearby or home with us and are into social distancing too. Yayyy! I’m all about family, so if I know that they are ok, I have a clear mind which allows me to continue to create. So create is what I have had the good fortune to be able to do. I’ve worked on a spring collection of florals that focus on texture, using a palette knife, to bring these works to life. Vibrant and interesting combinations of florals and color are what this collection is all about. I have to give a shout out to our local Michael’s store for those curbside order deliveries allowing me to stay well stocked with canvases and paint. Woot, Woot! So what’s next for Summer? Well, hopefully continued health for the loved ones and then a new collection of landscapes that will focus on “pathways” and light. Inspired by our current situation and the fact that this too shall pass. Eventually there will be a way out of this dark time – a path that will lead us to brighter days. Wishing all good health!