Here We Go Again, Or do We?

I am not a good routine blogger! Boom, I said it. I love to write but….I would rather paint. LOL I see that my last blog was a year ago!! How could this be?? Remember when we all thought that 2021 would never get here? Why did it seem in March last year that it would take so long to get to this point? And now, we are on the better side of it. I painted a great deal, set goals, took classes and participated in multiple virtual gallery exhibits. How creative and amazing on the part of these galleries!!! As I painted, I worked on my technique and am very happy with the progress made. Interestingly, commissions took a turn toward portrait work this past year. I enjoyed it but have found my home in painting from nature. My latest focus is both landscapes and big bold florals – I can’t get enough!! To all those who have kicked off the year with the purchase of one of my works, I can’t thank you enough. And for those who have commissioned me for paintings that are pending? No worries – I’m off to paint. Best wishes and be healthy.