Running a small business.

Oh wait, you thought that I was JUST an artist? Well, while it is true that I am indeed an artist, I’m also a small business owner. Like any business owner, I have committed to being successful at what I do and desire to earn an income. To do so means I must have business goals, a marketing strategy, an idea of who my ideal client is, social media content and oh yes, I have to paint. I also have to package, ship, and sometimes frame artwork. Then there is shopping for supplies and website management. To build awareness of my artwork and business, I apply to juried exhibits and galleries. And to continue to grow artistically, I take classes here and there. To accomplish all of these things, I pretty much stick to a flexible routine that I truly enjoy with very little stress. But it does take focus and attention to administrative tasks to be successful meaning 80% admin and 20% painting. I must say it is helps that my college degree is in business and marketing and that I nearly completed an additional associates degree in graphic arts and illustration. So far, I’m having the best year yet selling multiple works per week and still my favorite moments are when a client reaches out to tell me that their work has arrived and that they are thrilled and happy. Which is also my mission statement – “To create happy artwork to share happiness with others.” Oh, gotta go! Have to plan for tomorrow! Thank you to all my happy clients – please know that your happiness is what drives me and that I treasure you!