Summer In Bloom Series Available at 12am EST (tonight) August 23rd

It’s here! It’s really here! A vibrant, splashy bright, over-the-top with happiness, series of late summer blooms has arrived to simply bring a cozy bit of sunshine to your space. Maybe read that last sentence out loud. Yes, a bit of a run on but…it’s all true!! Our favorite blooms are back along with pumpkins and sandhill cranes of all things. What kind of blooms? Sunflowers, hydrangeas, daisies, and more. Offering small to mid-size works with beautiful wood or painted edges that make them ready to hang with no frame required. Some are just the perfect size to place on a table top or shelf right next to your other treasures. Shipping is included in the US. (I always try to cover the cost for international too, but may have to charge a slight fee.) Message me if you have any questions or to reserve a piece – I always look forward to chatting. Wishing all a wonderful, sunshiny day!!